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Brizard & Co Table Torch Carpathian


Product Description

Whether it sits on your desk at the office or your coffee table at home, this table torch looks incredible with any decor. Expertly crafted by Lotus and beautifully re-styled by Brizard & Co, this triple jet lighter is both dependable and fashionable. The wind-resistant design of the lighter ensures functionality as you relax on your back porch or patio to enjoy a fine cigar on even the windiest day or evening. This series also features a considerable fuel tank capacity, so you rarely need worry over fuel - making this device the perfect on-hand lighter to keep as a mainstay in your smoking lounge, or wherever you prefer to enjoy a cigar with friends, family, or simply in peaceful solitude. The enigmatic pattern of the exotic Carpathian wood this lighter boast is sure to impress.

- Approx. Dimensions: Height: 3.60 inches Width: 2.40 inches Thickness: 1.30 inches 
- Approx. Weight: 8.50 oz. 
- Lotus Triple Torch Flame Table Lighter 
- Wind Resistant 
- Exotic Carpathian Burl Wood 
- Extra Large Tank Capacity 
- Metal Case 
- Butane Refillable
- Model #: CB4314