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Boveda Metal (2 Packet) Holder


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Product Description

The Boveda metal pack holder comes in durable brushed aluminum with smooth rounded edges and has a slimmer profile than our cedar holder. Each metal holder holds two large Boveda packs. The holder mounts to the lid of the humidor with a magnetic mounting kit or velcro mounting kit (included)

You can also use the magnetic kit to stick several metal holders together if you like the look of the metal but need more Boveda packet-holding capacity. Or, orient the packet holders vertically and do a side-by-side look.

For travel humidors, simply cut out the foam usually present in the lid just a little smaller than the size of the metal holder so the holder fits snugly in place. You would not use either the velcro or magnetic mounting kit in this case.

The metal holder is an optional accessory and is not required for using Boveda packets, it just provides an elegant way to keep the packs out of the way.

Please Note that the holder does not include packs

Dimensions:14cm W x 9.4cm D x 1.6cm H (5 1/2" x 3 11/16" x 5/8")