Troika Card Case Paisley

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This slim and delicate card case is made from feather-light aluminum. Pleasantly restrained - in its design, as well as its weight. With an exquisite finish, it is perfectly suited for more than just world travelers and global players.

  • Ideal for business trips and travelling
  • Suitable for about 10 business cards
  • Fits in any pocket, trouser pocket, shirt pocket, etc. - very easy and handy
  • Attractive design and high quality

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Troika is not your ordinary brand of everyday essentials; it's a fusion of style and ingenuity. With an unwavering commitment to innovative design, Troika brings a unique character to products that are often overlooked. From sleek pens that effortlessly glide across paper to keychains that keep you organized with flair, Troika adds a touch of sophistication to your daily routines. With meticulous attention to detail and a passion for practicality, Troika elevates the ordinary into extraordinary. Experience the perfect blend of functionality and fashion with Troika's exceptional lineup of essentials that reflect your distinctive personality.