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Lorenzetti Emperor Constantine #24 Tobacco Pipe

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Each pipe in the Emperor series, which is named after one of the four most illustrious Roman Emperors in history, is characterized chiefly by the colour of its finish. Along with these distinctions, each line offers a variety of tastes to satisfy even the most discerning palate, much like excellent Italian wines. These pipes are a fantastic value because they are made of premium briar but are still reasonably priced. As customers learn about this undiscovered treasure of the pipe world, they have steadily become one of our best-selling pipes. The numerical form code is stamped on each pipe of the Lorenzetti Constantine series so you can tell which one you got. Each shape has the same finish, a dark brown stain on a smooth pipe. The coloration makes the briar's grain's swirls and streaks visible. The stem is black acrylic and has a brown ring intended to resemble a briar. The golden Lorenzetti L, another means to recognize the pipe and its creator, is also present.