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Captain Fawcett Alum Bar

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Alum, which has been used by traditional barbers for centuries, is a shaving must for the well-groomed Gentleman.

A natural mineral bar with healing and soothing styptic and antibacterial effects. Simply apply the crystallised stone to your face after moistening it with cold water to close pores, seal nicks, and lessen razor burn.

Captain Fawcett is a distinguished British brand specializing in grooming and men's personal care products. Named after an imaginary character, the brand offers a wide range of high-quality grooming items such as beard oils, shaving creams, aftershaves, mustache waxes, combs, and more. Captain Fawcett is recognized for its premium quality, attention to detail, and vintage-inspired packaging. The brand appeals to individuals who appreciate traditional grooming and seek products that exude a sense of style and refinement.