Bullseye Classic Original Little Cigars - Pack of 20

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  • Filtered mild-bodied small cigar
  • Cotton Filter Tip.
  • Non-flavoured
  • Medium Strength.

Bullseye Original are small cotton filtered cigars that pack a little punch. Considered a medium strength, these guys come in a pack of 20 because you will certainly want more than one! Great for a quick, tasty smoke break.

Bullseye is a popular brand that offers a range of tobacco products, catering to the preferences of smoking enthusiasts. With a commitment to quality and satisfaction, Bullseye provides a selection of tobacco blends that are meticulously crafted to deliver an enjoyable smoking experience. Whether you prefer pipe tobacco, rolling tobacco, or other tobacco products, Bullseye offers a variety of options to suit different tastes. Each blend is carefully curated using high-quality tobacco leaves, ensuring a smooth and flavorful smoking session. Explore the range of Bullseye tobacco products and discover the one that resonates with your smoking preferences.