Brigham Combo Leather Pipe & Tobacco Flap Case - Black

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Brigham is a household name for pipes, and its accessories satisfy even the most exacting pipe smokers. Everything you require to enjoy a bowl may fit in the combo pouch's small space. The top compartment, which has a membrane lining for increased freshness preservation, includes a zipper that allows access to the tobacco. The front pocket is a convenient place to carry tools, a lighter, and other supplies. The lower zipper compartment is used to keep a single pipe. Last but not least, a tiny tight open pocket on the rear is intended to hold a few pipe cleaners. Excellent leather that will exceed your expectations.

Holds 1 Pipe
Holds Approx.  50 grams of tobacco
Pocket on Front for Tools & Accessories
Pipe Cleaner Pocket on Back
Membrane Lining in Tobacco Pocket for Freshness
Leather Material
18.5cm Width x 9.5cm Tall x 5.5cm Depth
7.28" Width x 3.74" Tall x 2.17" Depth

Brigham is a reputable Canadian brand known for producing high-quality pipes and tobacco-related accessories. Their innovative designs, including the patented Brigham Rock Maple Filter System, enhance the smoking experience. They offer a diverse range of pipes in various shapes, sizes, and finishes, along with pipe accessories such as cleaners, filters, and pouches. Brigham is highly regarded for its craftsmanship and attention to detail, making it a trusted choice for pipe enthusiasts.