Your watch is the jewellery accessory that will be noticed above all others. Watches make a statement, and you want to find the one that makes the right statement for you. Read on to learn more about how watches are set apart, and how you can find one that matches you better than any other.

What Elements Set Watches Apart?

The style of men’s watches are defined by the four special areas (and several others) where watchmakers such as C. Brizard & Co., Momentum and Victorinox like to stand out. Understanding the importance of each element can help you find the perfect one.

The Dial

The Hands

The Markers

The Crown

The dial is the name for the face of the watch. It’s the part that includes all of the dials, and sub-dials, in the event that there are any dials for special readings — such as those on a Chronograph watch. The hands are the moving parts of the watch. They may be simple or extravagant and designed to catch attention. Depending on the style of the watch, they may be brightened with bright or even glow-in-the-dark lines. The markers are the notches or numbers that are used to indicate the different positions around the clock. Markers come in every style from Roman numeral, to Arabic numbers to simple dots. The crown is the little wheel, often located on the side, that is used to wind the hands or to make other adjustments. The crown can be a very prominent part of some classic and modern designs, so look for one that matches your preferences.

But these are just the timekeeping elements of the watch. You can also set yourself apart from the crowd by making the best choice with your watch band.

What Different Band Options Say about You

The watch band (or strap) is the part that holds your watch to your wrist. It has just as long a history in fashion as watch faces do.




Leather watch bands come in black, brown, or more exotic colors. They are an excellent band choice for summer when warm weather makes lighter bands more practical. They are perfectly suited to either professional or casual styles. Metal watch bands are some of the oldest styles. Metal bands are a formal choice, so if you are choosing a watch to go with a business or wedding suit, you want to make sure you pick a gold or silver sort of finish. Rubber watch bands may not be formal, but they aren’t necessarily a bad option. Rubber is best used on sports watches, and can come high quality with a smooth, waterproof texture.


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