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AVO Syncro Ritmo Robusto 5"50


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Product Description

Featuring a dark Ecuadorian wrapper on top of a Mexican binder, and a staggering mix of Dominican, Nicaraguan, Honduran, Peruvian, and Brazilian fillers, this delectable toro is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression with notes of earth, cedar, roasted coffee, and black pepper.

AVO Ritmo is made, using a rare collection of tobaccos from Peru, Brazil and Ecuador which are elegantly arranged with Central American tobaccos from Nicaragua, Honduras and Mexico.

The AVO Syncro Ritmo composes the rugged flavor of an ancient civilization with the sophisticated style of AVO. Raw innature and polished in experience, it is a blend a thousand years in the making, inspired by the worldly spirit of a cigar legend.

The complexity of exotic filler tobaccos awakens your palate with deep flavors of roasted nuts and black pepper and prepares you for a journey unmatched. Midway through, spiciness and earthy flavors arise and mingle with sweet chili notes. Cocoa and black coffee flavors remain prominent as a rich creaminess emerges.