The World of Shisha in Vancouver

Shisha is the name for the tobacco that is used for Hookahs. We have an excellent selection online, but you can find more of our Shisha in Vancouver, BC at our store location! Let our helpful staff help you choose the flavors that fit you best. Some of the best blends from around the world feature…

Citrus is one of the most traditional flavors to be mixed with Tobacco. The Indo-Persian area of the world that shisha originally came from has always been a good one for lemons, oranges and other citrus. These flavors have been infused into the areas tobaccos since the earliest days of manufacture. Berries are another popular flavor that is infused into blends. Berries and other dark fruit blends with shisha are often made using blueberry, cherry, blackberry, raspberry and rarer options like elderberries. Berry-infused blends also frequently have spice flavors such as vanilla added. Mint is a small part of many, even most, shisha blends. Mint improves not only the taste but the mouthfeel of the smoke, so it’s used to make otherwise full-bodied blends less harsh when it’s being drawn from the hookah.
Cucumber Soda Spice
Cucumber flavors are common in imported blends from India and Persia, as the fruit has a long tradition as a treat there. Cucumber is used in mostly mild blends of shisha, where the understated freshness can truly stand out. Soda flavors are a new but popular and attention-winning type of blend. These blends have been flavored to deliver thick, flavorful smoke with tastes of orange cream soda, root beer, lemon/lime and other tasty options. Spice is used to add character to many different blends. Vanilla, cinnamon and even chai mixes are used to add an exciting character to blends that are already juicy and sweet.

Shisha and Hookah FAQs

New to these unique blends? Find answers to common questions and learn everything you need to know about hookahs. If you have more questions, please visit our store to see all of our shisha in Vancouver. Our friendly staff would love to help you find the perfect flavor.

Does shisha contain nicotine?

While there are some blends that contain herbal matter instead of tobacco, most blends will have tobacco. If they have tobacco, they will also have nicotine. Naturally, all age laws for Canada or your local area must be followed when using this product.

Is hookah smoking legal in Canada?

Smoking Hookahs is legal in Canada for those who have reached the current legal age limit. Due to both local and national laws, hookahs in Canada must be used in the privacy of your own home, and not in public spaces.

How is shisha smoked?

Shisha is smoked using Hookah, Water Pipes or other rigs. It typically requires more specialized equipment than most types of smoking devices, with one or multiple hoses connecting to a central tower containing the slow-smoldering bowl.
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