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Lartisan Parfumeur Timbuktu Eau De Toilette


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Product Description

Woody and spicy inspired by the perfume rituals of West Africa French sophistication meets the mystery of the Sahara.

Timbuktu is a totally original and vibrant perfume inspired by a journey to Mali in West Africa by perfumer Betrand Duchaufour. A study of contrasts in its exotic African roots and innate French sophistication Timbuktu takes inspiration from the fragrance ritual Wusulan used by generations of Malian women to scent their hair and skin. Potent blends of flower roots balms and spices are thought to bring love and sensuality into the lives of these heavenly scented women. This takes perfumery back to its roots as the word perfume translates literally as per fumum or through smoke offering up combinations of scented balms and resins to the gods above. Timbuktu has piquant notes of green mango and creamy karo-karoundé flower to balance the pink pepper cardamom and vetiver. Cloaked in smoke from papyrus wood incense and patchouli this sensual and airy scent is beautifully ancient yet profoundly modern.