If you’ve ever wondered where to buy high quality cigarettes in Vancouver, wonder no more. We carry one of the city’s best selections in addition to cigars, pipe tobacco and other tobacco products.

Our stock includes a wide variety of sizes and many of the most popular brands and the most popular varieties that they offer.

Different Sizes of Cigarettes

Cigarettes come in a range of different sizes, but the length alone isn’t what sets them apart. Here are some of the most common sizes, and how they are often different from one another.




This is one of the most popular sizes. It is based on the original size of 70mm from the earliest days of cigarettes. It reached the size of 84mm when the filter was added to the original 70mm. Different brands may refer to this size as King Size.

These are the next size up from 84mm, but not all of that difference is made up by the addition of more tobacco. This size is notable for having a longer filter than the most popular size, and may more effectively cool the temperature of smoke when you inhale, for a more pleasant smoking experience.

This is the longest size you can find. Despite the specific length given, they may vary between 4 ⅗ and 5 inches. Once again, the size increase doesn’t automatically mean the addition of more tobacco. Instead, these cigarettes are slimmer than the typical sizes, to appear more elegant.

Cigarette Accessories

We also carry a large assortment of accessories to enhance your smoking experience.

Cigarette Cases

Disposable Filters

E-Cigarette Kits

Cases come in a wide variety of different sizes, and come in different materials and decorations. Many of our cases are produced by the German company Stoll, a manufacturer that has been around for decades. Our cases feature things like nickel plating, leather binding and engraved designs.

Most modern cigarettes come with filters attached, but those looking for extra filtration can use separate disposable filters. These filters are designed so that a cigarette can simply slide in without any extra effort. We sell disposable filters in packs that include anywhere from 30 to 100 filters.

We sell e-cigarette kits that include everything you need to enjoy smoking without the combustion. E-cigarettes come in different flavors and setups, and have all kinds of unique features to try out. Choose your starter kits from top brands like JUUL.

Questions About Where to Buy Cigarettes in Vancouver?

You can purchase directly from our men’s style and tobacco shop. Our staff would be happy to answer any questions you have about our products either there or online. However, we are also authorized to sell cigarettes online. Check out our extensive selection of products and accessories below.
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