Get the most enjoyment from your cigars with all the high quality accessories you need to light, cut and store your collection. We carry a massive selection of cigars, along with tools and accessories such as lighters, cutters, humidors and humidor accessories.

Choose from all the top brands you know and love, including CB, Brizard & Co, Camacho, Xikar, Windsor, Visol, Victorinox and Zippo.

Do You have the Cigar Accessories You Need?

If you are new to the world of cigars, you may not be aware of all the accessories that you can use to enhance your cigar smoking experience. The use of many of these accessories dates back hundreds of years, and the modern versions use new technology to improve and refine them.

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Cigar lighters are indispensable for cigar aficionados, since normal lighters can be very ineffective at lighting them properly. Lighters that are made for cigars are often designed to provide more heat, sometimes in a jet, and are built to fire at a certain angle. There is no substitute for a good cigar cutter. Cigar cutters are designed to cleanly separate the ends of cigars without tearing or pulling out the tobacco. Cutters come in a rich variety of different styles, from affordable and functional to extravagant. Ashtrays come in a variety of materials and styles, and are both helpful and an important safety measure. They are often made from glass and metal, and may be further engraved or decorated to further set themselves apart from competitors. Fine quality ashtrays can be passed down.


Cigar Cases

Humidor Accessories

Humidors are an important storage solution for cigars. Humidors (as the name suggests) are designed to preserve cigars at a certain level of humidity over a term of storage. If you intend to store cigars for longer than a few weeks, you will need a humidor to keep them in good condition. Cigar cases are important for carrying and storing cigars for short periods. They are not the same as humidors and are more appropriate to store cigars for a week or shorter, or as a travel case. Cigar cases are also helpful when you want to serve cigars to guests at a party or intimate gathering. Humidors are kept in working order by their own accessories, and we carry them all. Find the gels you need to maintain the proper level of moisture, as well as important tools like hygrometers that can measure the humidity inside the humidor.

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