Attractive glasses are an essential part of any home bar. You not only want to have the best glass for every occasion, you also want glasses that have a distinctive character to match your own personal style. You’ll find what you’re looking for in our great collection of bar accessories in Vancouver.


Choose the Right Glassware for Your Collection
Not sure how to match the right glass to your favorite libation? Find the one you need with our helpful guide.

Pint Glasses

Pint glasses are a part of traditional beer culture going back hundreds of years in the UK. Any good bar glass collection will feature enough of them to serve a close group of friends with a pint of  beer . A pint glass is perfect for  ales  or  lagers .

Tulip Glasses

The popular Tulip glass comes from Belgian beer culture, and was designed to capture the character of the stronger and more aromatic beers that come from that country. Tulip glasses really bring out the best in  strong ales IPA s and other stiff beers.

Shot Glasses

Shot glasses are a basic part of any collection, ready to be broken out for a fast celebration or casually slipped over a cap on the way to a night on the beach. Shot glasses should be included in the collection of anyone who enjoys  straight liquor , but not necessarily the type that is designed for sipping.

Rocks Glasses

Rocks glasses are a versatile part of any barware collection.  High-quality liquors  that are best sipped straight or on the rocks can be served in these glasses. Many  classic cocktails  are also served in rocks glasses.

Wine Glasses

Wine  glasses may not be designed for any other type of drink, but they are still an important part of a complete collection. Wine glasses come in variety of striking stem, and stemless varieties. Thinner versions

Martini Glasses

Martini glasses are another important addition to your collection if you enjoy  cocktails  of any kind. They’re perfect for  Martinis  (of course), but also for  dessert cocktails.

Questions about Bar Glasses and Accessories

Our team wants to help if you have any questions about how to create the best bar for your home. Send any questions you have  through our contact form .
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