Stainless Steel Wallets – Stewart Stand

When we see a good thing we know you’ll all agree! These stainless steel wallets from Stewart Stand are it!

We’ve been working with Paul Stand and his design inspired wallets for a few years. His latest work is a combination of colors, textures and designer fabric by Hella Jongerius that accents the best selling stainless steel wallets styles.

Bold & muted hues are set-off through a mix of reflective & flat bands of color. High Performance material that POPS! Available in four color options: Peacock Blue, Inca Yellow, Pistachio Green & Cadet Red.

It has been a pleasure to see him and his crew designing fashionable and unique wallets catering to exclusive individuals like you!

P.S – Stewart/Stand stainless steel wallets block unauthorized transmission from RFID enabled credit cards & IDs, protecting you from identity theft. All wallets in the technical collection are vegan wallets. Made with 85%+ post consumer recycled stainless steel.

Wurkin Stiff Polo Stays

Wurkin Stiff Polo Stays™ for Würkin as well as Play… Finally!

Collars Curling on your shirt? No more embarrassing meetings on the golf course or maybe wherever else you may find yourself sporting a polo shirt. Polo Stays™ are the only solution! Just peel Polo Stays™ off their clear liner and stick them to the underside of your collar… It’s the permanent solution!

Polo Stays™ also würk on shirts without collar stay pockets!

They adhere themselves to your shirts’ fabric and hold-on throughout 30+ wash-and-dry cycles…
without coming off!!!!

M-Clip “Finally, a money clip that works.®”

I like the tag line “Finally, a money clip that works” cause we’ve been on the look out for just such a money clip. Many of the money clips I’ve come across are either to tight to get any money into or to loose to secure any money.

The M-Clip is sure to impress anyone looking to trim the waste-line on the ole’ wallet and go to something sure to be an attention getter! The slick action of the M-Clip slides to give you the angle you need. It opens up allowing for secure clipping of your hard earned money…and credit cards.

From superior metals, highly machined tolerances for each component part, and individually selected alligator hides, the M-Clip® money clip is designed and hand assembled with one goal in mind: to make the best, most functional and highest quality money clip you can buy.

Handmade in the USA, M-Clip also has a warranty that covers materials and workmanship on all functional components for life.

The M-Clip® money clip is truly the last money clip you will ever need.