11 days till Christmas…Santa wants to know if you can you keep a Secrid?

Secrid wallets are known for their infamous cardprotector. As times are forever changing so are the use of bills and coins. Modern day technology has allowed us to carry high-tech cards with built in computer chips, which holds a lot of our personal information. Although, this is quite convenient it does allow for hackers out there to scan the chips through our wallets and use the information to carry out identity theft and fraud. Another word for this could also be digital pickpocketing.

Secrid’s aluminum cardprotector is designed with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. This blocks the scanners, by acting like a firewall, from being able to read the computer chips embedded in our cards, thus, offering us a peace of mind and protection.

All Secrid wallets are made with fine detail and care in the Netherlands. The cardprotector is the heart of the Secrid wallet’s design however the wallet also features a unique card slide, is crafted with quality leather and boasts a sleek and stylish design.

Give the gift of safety, comfort and style this holiday season with the Secrid wallet. Versatile, functional and esthetically pleasing and this product also comes with a 2-year warranty.

For instructions on how to use the Secrid wallet please see link below:


The Secrid is out!

We are happy to be featuring the Secrid Wallets here at Revolucion!

For the past few years we have showcased RFID protected (Radio Frequency ID) wallets in response to requests from our clients.  With the increase of identity theft more and more people are looking to protect their personal information from scanners who would use your information to their benefit!

Secrid wallets provide a permanent solution for RFID protection.  They are smart and stylish.  Having been awarded the “Red Dot Award” for both design and function, you can come to expect an ever expanding portfolio of color and uniqueness from Secrid wallets.  Also with a flick of a thumb, the patented design will fan your cards out for you for easy access!


Protecting cards such as transportation pass, ID card, the latest credit cards is easy and looks good!  Up to six cards are protected against bending and breaking by the aluminum core of the Secrid wallet.













All products are designed and made in Holland with care and attention.  To prove it they come with a 2-year warranty. If your Secrid is not functioning properly we back it up!