Dunhill Laser Keyboard and Chassis Case

Alfred Dunhill has been associated with innovation for nearly 120 years – a theme continued this season with an amazing ‘laser keyboard’ featuring a unique Dunhill finish and a Chassis leather carry case, designed with the frequent traveler in mind.

This small black box with a discreet AD logo, connects via Bluetooth to devices such as smart phones and tablets (including iOS or Android) and projects a keyboard design onto any table or surface in front of you.

The super bright laser projection allows you to use a full sized keyboard while having your device arranged in front of you, simply as a screen.

The unit is able to instantly sense where you type with variables such as regional variation, sensitivity, brightness and volume easily adjusted.

At a touch of a button (on the keyboard), it can also be switched to multi-touch mouse functionality – ideal for manipulating images in a document.

The unit has a built in Lithium-ion battery which can be recharged via a USB cable connected to a laptop or
similar device. This is very simple to set up and use in almost any situation, making it ideal for the traveller.

It is presented in an attractive and durable Chassis case with a pocket for the charge cable.

This case also acts as a stand for a phone – making it easy to work on documents on a train or even in a coffee shop!

Smoke NV E-Cigarettes

Due to popular demand and customer requests we are introducing Smoke NV E-Cigarettes.

Many people have been looking for an alternative to smoking since the smoking bans had been put in place.  It cannot be easy to just quit either.  Smoke NV E-Cigarettes offer the best of both solutions.

If a person wishes to continue to smoke or is working to quit smoking Smoke NV E-Cigarettes offers the best of both worlds.

Whether a person wishes to continue smoking indoors they now have that option, while continuing to smoke regular cigarettes outdoors.  If the idea is to quit smoking Smoke NV is a great way to get away from smoking since there is no nicotine or tobacco.  It produces vapor that only gives the effect of smoking.

Smoke NV is the hottest and newest smoking device. It emits a harmless vapour that simulates the smoking sensation. Smoke NV is a non-flammable electronic atomizing device, utilizing advanced microelectronic technology to atomize the flavour and content of each disposable cartridge.  Flavours are Canadian, American, Menthol, Chocolate, Coffee, Peach and Apple

Smoke NV offers smokers the option to satisfy their desire for cigarettes in a safer way while retaining the same physical qualities of traditional cigarettes in a fashionable hi-tech device.

The Smoke NV E-Cigarettes are also available as a disposable that id equivalent to approximately 400 puffs or 40 traditional cigarettes. Enjoy the full body and flavor of SMOKE NV now in a convenient disposable e-cig.    Available in Menthol & Canadian Flavors.