Revolucionizing your Daily Driving Experience!

Revolucion is proud to introduce Lampe Berger’s Cold Fusion Essential Oil Car Fragrancer!

Every car should have a Easy Scent Car Fragrancer!  The Cold Fusion Essential Oils appeals to your senses!  If you find yourself in your car for many hours during the day, or know someone who is, then this can make for a great gift to yourself or a friend!

EasyScentTM Voiture (Car),
Quite simply nomadic pleasure! A perfect car journey!

EasyScent™ is now available in your car where all passengers are able to enjoy its excellent fragrances, with the natural benefits of essential oils.

Discover a new, pleasant and natural way of reducing the feelings of discomfort – stress or travel sickness for example – or stimulating yourself with the beneficial fragrances of its four perfumes:

Anti Travel Sickness: for a calm trip, free from travel sickness.
Anti Tobacco: to combat the smell of stale tobacco and reduce the desire to smoke.
Holiday Mood: to give you a foretaste of the vacation to come.
Energy!: to stay alert at the wheel.

Already fitted with a fragrance, this elegant, metallic grey diffuser is ready to be used. Silent, it plugs into the cigarette lighter or a 12 volt socket.

We LOVE it! And I’m sure you’ll LOVE it too!!

Lampe Berger is in the Air!

I really like this slogan by Lampe Berger. “Lampe Berger is in the Air”. We’ve been selling the Lampe’s for 4 years now. They have been around for 100 years. People are still learning about them and inquiring about the many benefits of them. These little things destroy bacteria and toxins in the air. So we highly recommend them as we move in to the flu season. Burning the Lampe Berger in your bedroom, living room and bathroom will clean the air you breath! They still use this lamps for disinfecting hospitals in Europe!

Lampe Berger

Have you ever tried a Lampe Berger?

Lampe Berger is a decorative fragrance lamp that destroys odour and bacteria in the air, while increasing the oxygen levels and perfuming your environment. Lampe Berger uses a catalytic burner that reaches 140 degrees Fahrenheit to combust a special alcohol based liquid fuel. The burning fuel releases molecules into the air that capture and destroy odours while dispersing essential oils. These oils perfume the air and provide aroma therapy, as well as having insect repelling properties.

Revolucion carries the largest selection of Berger lamps and fragrances.

We had our customers telling us how the Lampe Berger eliminated smell from smoke, skunk, microwave fire, cooking, pets, and Chinese food from next door!  Folks with allergies also love it!

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