The Return of Hamlet to Revolucion!


-Hamlet Jaime Paredes-

Hamlet is classified as a 9th grade roller – the highest achievable grade!

His career as a “Torcedor” (cigar roller) began nearly twenty years ago at the legendary Partagas Factory in the heart of Havana. During his time there he rose to the position of Second Chief of the Rolling Room before moving on to a high profile role in various Tobacconists in and around Havana.

In 2000 he was selected to conduct promotional tours around the world for Habanos SA and since this time he has visited Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, Japan, China, Macau, South Korea, Indonesia, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Canada.

Hamlet is a dear friend to us and many people around the world.  When he is not travelling he is based in the world famous Romeo y Julieta shop.  When you’re in Havana please be sure to spot and visit him and he will appreciate seeing you!

You’ll also be treated to a Rum Tasting and have Cuban music playing all night long!!

Come down for a free Cuban Experience in Yaletown October 7 from 2pm to 8pm at Revolucion 1062 Mainland Street. Look forward to seeing you!! For more info contact Revolucion at or call 604-662-4427

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Hamlet is visiting Revolucion

For the last time this 2009 trip Hamlet is visiting us and rolling some amazingly crafted cigars.  As an owner of Revolucion and cigar lover, this is one of few times that i have the opportunity to watch the construction of a fine cigar.  It is a reminder of the work, skill and patience that goes into “creating” what is known as a fine cigar.  I am grateful for having Hamlet here to express this art and I am also most grateful for his friendship.  Cheers

Hamlet Rolling a Cigar Hamlet working at Revolucion

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