‘Twas the night before Christmas… still haven’t found that perfect gift?

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse…well that’s not true. You’re stirring because you still haven’t found that perfect gift. What will you do? Don’t panic we can help. Here are some great last minute gift ideas!
Penhaligon’s of London, a company that has been around for generations, has an array of exotic perfumes to choose from. We are thrilled to say that we now have added the Bayolea to our collection. This fragrance has received excellent reviews online. This particular men’s fragrance is combined with lemongrass, tangerine, cardamom, sandalwood and lavender to name a few delightful ingredients.


Ritzenhoff, a German-based company, showcases a unique collection of glassware. They use various designers and are always on the lookout for more. Their designers create contemporary art that definitely gets noticed. Check out some of the collections below:


The Jack Black skincare line for Men also makes for a great gift. Using all natural ingredients like plant extracts, herbs and healing botanicals, Jack Black really sets the bar high when it comes to men’s skincare products. Plus, their products are fragrance-free, colorant-free, cruelty-free and all are dermatologist tested.


The Beardsman Kit by Beardbrand is perfect for the avid “beard grower”. All products in the kit help maintain that fierce beard. The Beardsman Kit includes: one large comb, pocket comb, mustache comb, boar’s hair brush, trimming scissors, mustache wax, and beard oil.


For more last minute gift ideas please come in and visit us we will help you find the perfect gift!

This concludes our Countdown to Christmas. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our helpful tips, insights, and informative product guidance. Happy Holidays from your Revolucion family.

Penhaligon’s of London – Classic Men’s Fragrances

William Penhaligon, a dashing Englishman, took his vision for the finer things in life, combined with grandiosity, and bottled it up…literally.

Penhaligon is an innovator in the world of men’s fragrances. Established since the 1870’s in London, England, Penhaligon has created an extensive line using only the best; from hand-squeezed Bergamot to delicate Jasmine, valued at twice the price of gold. Today Penhaligon’s boutique showcases 34 unique and distinctive fragrances. The good news is that you don’t need to travel quite that far, as we carry some of the top brand within the Penhaligon line. Featured below:



Made in 1927 this was a heritage fragrance that was revitalized in 2009 to suite the modern man’s sense of smell.

LP NO. 9

Created in 1999, the LP No. 9 is more of a sensual, seductive yet sweet fragrance. It boasts of ylang-ylang and has some warm hints of spiciness.


This fragrance tells a story about a mortal who was loved so much by the Goddess of the moon that she put him to sleep forever so that only she alone could visit him every night. This is a great night time fragrance, although you may not want to wear this during the full moon!

OPUS 1870

Sweet citrus and black peppers mixed in with earthy tones. Sounds perfect for those cold Autumn nights.


Created by Perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour, Sartorial is a traditional yet modern fragrance, featuring lavender, bergamot, white musk and much more.


Created by Olivier Cresp, this popular fragrance was inspired by London Dry Gin. Get intoxicated with this multi-faceted scent, boasting of juniper berry, soft leather and brown sugar.

All Penhaligon fragrances are packaged in clear glass bottles with its signature, distinctive ribbon underneath the stopper.



Revolucionizing your Daily Driving Experience!

Revolucion is proud to introduce Lampe Berger’s Cold Fusion Essential Oil Car Fragrancer!

Every car should have a Easy Scent Car Fragrancer!  The Cold Fusion Essential Oils appeals to your senses!  If you find yourself in your car for many hours during the day, or know someone who is, then this can make for a great gift to yourself or a friend!

EasyScentTM Voiture (Car),
Quite simply nomadic pleasure! A perfect car journey!

EasyScent™ is now available in your car where all passengers are able to enjoy its excellent fragrances, with the natural benefits of essential oils.

Discover a new, pleasant and natural way of reducing the feelings of discomfort – stress or travel sickness for example – or stimulating yourself with the beneficial fragrances of its four perfumes:

Anti Travel Sickness: for a calm trip, free from travel sickness.
Anti Tobacco: to combat the smell of stale tobacco and reduce the desire to smoke.
Holiday Mood: to give you a foretaste of the vacation to come.
Energy!: to stay alert at the wheel.

Already fitted with a fragrance, this elegant, metallic grey diffuser is ready to be used. Silent, it plugs into the cigarette lighter or a 12 volt socket.

We LOVE it! And I’m sure you’ll LOVE it too!!

Gendarme Fragrance

I was in Las Vegas wandering around to see what i could find. This is where i came across Gendarme. I had asked the clerk what was their best selling fragrance, as i noticed an empty shelf from which the last bottle of Gendarme had just sold off of.

After trying the tester i was sold and upon my return to Revolucion (Vancouver) i immediately contacted Gendarme in Hollywood. I had the pleasure to deal with Topper Schroeder the creator of Gendarme. A pleasant fellow that through his own interest in finding a hypo-allergenic fragrance decided to make his own. What he created was a sensual yet professional and down-to-business cologne that caught everyone’s attention.

The classic crisp, clean, fresh scent that is simply Gendarme contains lemon and lime, bergamot, lavender, and just a hint of jasmine and lilac, there is nothing on the market like it.

Just a few sprays and everyone around you will take notice of the citrus and fruity scent and be drawn in to you just a little bit closer and for just a little bit longer. ; ) Enjoy

Edwin Jagger Shaving Sets

Just added to our vast collection of shaving accessories is the new Edwin Jagger Ebony Best Badger 4 piece Shaving Set. Complimenting our Brier wood and Ivory sets this Ebony set is sure to be a striking accessory in the bathroom.

Edwin Jagger, established in 1988, designs and manufactures a range of classic and contemporary high quality wet shaving accessories. Expert design, carefully selected materials and cutting edge manufacturing processes, combined with hand finishing, result in absolute product perfection.

Edwin Jagger’s extensive range of shaving razors incorporating the latest razor blade systems, pure badger hair shaving brushes, straight razors, shaving sets, shaving creams and soaps meets the grooming needs of gentlemen today.

Lampe Berger

Have you ever tried a Lampe Berger?

Lampe Berger is a decorative fragrance lamp that destroys odour and bacteria in the air, while increasing the oxygen levels and perfuming your environment. Lampe Berger uses a catalytic burner that reaches 140 degrees Fahrenheit to combust a special alcohol based liquid fuel. The burning fuel releases molecules into the air that capture and destroy odours while dispersing essential oils. These oils perfume the air and provide aroma therapy, as well as having insect repelling properties.

Revolucion carries the largest selection of Berger lamps and fragrances.

We had our customers telling us how the Lampe Berger eliminated smell from smoke, skunk, microwave fire, cooking, pets, and Chinese food from next door!  Folks with allergies also love it!

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