Revolucion Cigar Party March 2013


We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in attendance at our Cigar Party! A big thanks to all those who helped make it a smashing success and all that more enjoyable .

Thank You for sharing with us, celebrating and making great memories. We are excited for the future. Stay tuned for more … Our home is yours . See you all soon.

Thanks Again ….

Paulo , Niko and all the Boys.

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Smoke NV E-Cigarettes

Due to popular demand and customer requests we are introducing Smoke NV E-Cigarettes.

Many people have been looking for an alternative to smoking since the smoking bans had been put in place.  It cannot be easy to just quit either.  Smoke NV E-Cigarettes offer the best of both solutions.

If a person wishes to continue to smoke or is working to quit smoking Smoke NV E-Cigarettes offers the best of both worlds.

Whether a person wishes to continue smoking indoors they now have that option, while continuing to smoke regular cigarettes outdoors.  If the idea is to quit smoking Smoke NV is a great way to get away from smoking since there is no nicotine or tobacco.  It produces vapor that only gives the effect of smoking.

Smoke NV is the hottest and newest smoking device. It emits a harmless vapour that simulates the smoking sensation. Smoke NV is a non-flammable electronic atomizing device, utilizing advanced microelectronic technology to atomize the flavour and content of each disposable cartridge.  Flavours are Canadian, American, Menthol, Chocolate, Coffee, Peach and Apple

Smoke NV offers smokers the option to satisfy their desire for cigarettes in a safer way while retaining the same physical qualities of traditional cigarettes in a fashionable hi-tech device.

The Smoke NV E-Cigarettes are also available as a disposable that id equivalent to approximately 400 puffs or 40 traditional cigarettes. Enjoy the full body and flavor of SMOKE NV now in a convenient disposable e-cig.    Available in Menthol & Canadian Flavors.