Keep Warm This Winter

Many apartments and condos in Vancouver are designed without a fireplace either due to size constraints or the fact that the buildings simply won’t allow it because of smoke and safety regulations. Although Vancouver winters are not as harsh as the rest of Canada, it does still get pretty chilly. There is nothing more satisfying then coming home on a cold winter’s day and cozying up on your couch surrounded by a warming heat..…and possibly a cup of hot chocolate. With the Eco Feu Bio Ethanol, table top fireplace you can enjoy that comforting warmth without sounding that fire alarm!

Bio Ethanol, a renewable energy source, is used specifically for the Bio Fireplace designed by Eco Feu. The Bio Fireplace creates a warming effect, that is completely adjustable, to suit any mood and ambience.  The combustion of the Bio Ethanol produces heat, water vapour and a small amount of carbon dioxide; this is very comparable to the human breath.

A major advantage of the Bio Fireplace is that the “fire” is smokeless, odourless and residue-free. Deeming this a completely safe unit to have inside your home.  Another great feature is that they are mobile. You can place them inside or outside depending on your needs or the atmosphere your trying to enjoy. Plus the design and the style of the Bio Fireplace is very sophisticated and can suit any modern and contemporary setting.

This safe, simple to use, and ecological fireplaces are designed in Canada and the Eco Feu Company stands behind its 3-year warranty.. All units are equipped with a user-friendly dimmer switch that’s dual action is used to control the intensity of the heat and extinguish the flame.

For more information on the Bio Fireplace by Eco Feu please click on the link below:

Jetsam Wallets

I first heard of Jetsam in New York while attending the gift show.  It was a pleasure to meet Laura the designer of Jetsam.  We are happy to be representing them here in Vancouver, BC.

About Jetsam Wallets Debut

Jetsam was inspired by the time-honored style of iconic male figures. I’ve taken historic masculine textiles and reinterpreted them for the future. It’s old-school haberdashery for the guy who doesn’t wear a suit.

The initial Jetsam line-up includes 4 editions of the classic 3-pocket billfold.

  • The Prepster edition features dapper patterns and traditional hues from reclaimed classic neckties
  • The Uncle Larry edition features bold patterns and bright colors from reclaimed retro 70s-era neckties
  • The Natty Professor edition features classic tweed herringbone from reclaimed vintage men’s jackets
  • The Spiffy Lumberjack edition features colorful plaids from reclaimed vintage shirts

I’m all about sustainability, so I’ve made Jetsam as eco-friendly as possible. Jetsam is a 16th-century term for unwanted material that was thrown overboard to lighten a ship’s load. Each Jetsam wallet is a product of unwanted or discarded materials, such as end-run fabrics, cast-off clothing and vintage textiles.

Each wallet also comes packaged in a recycled gift box, perfect for gift-giving.


Company History

Jetsam WalletsIn August of 2011, Jetsam™, a new line of eco-friendly wallets made from vintage menswear, made its debut. The roots of Jetsam lie in a handmade line founded in 2007.  It started off as a micro-enterprise, with all products manufactured in-house by designer and founder Laura Skelton. Inspired by the retro style of 70s men’s fashion, the Necktie Wallet® debuted that first year.  2009 marked the introduction of several new reconstructed wallet designs. After nearly four years of growth, the new Jetsam line continues to embody a commitment to sustainable and socially responsible practices, sourcing vintage and end-run materials and recycled packaging in addition to keeping production close to home, so you can feel good about what you keep in your pocket.

About the Designer

Laura SkeltonComing from a background in sustainable architecture, Columbia University graduate Laura Skelton is the founder and designer behind the new Jetsam™ line. Since her early teenage years, Laura has concocted refashioned accessories and clothing from vintage materials, roaming the aisles of thrift stores and costume departments for inspiration. When she’s away from Jetsam, Laura loves creating elaborate costumes and clothing from interesting junk. A dress she constructed entirely from the Sunday New York Times was recently featured in several international newspapers, and a handbag she crafted from an old childrens’ sleeping bag was published in the book Refashioned Bags. Laura currently lives in San Diego, where she enjoys competitive potlucks and brewing craft beer.