5 days till Christmas…Must have accessories for the Cigar Connoisseur

If you read my blog post two days ago you have an understanding of the hard work and great length of time it takes to harvest the tobacco leaves that make up your fine cigars. The growth cycle alone takes 9 months! As a general rule anything that requires that much effort to make requires an equal amount of effort to maintain. Today I’m going to go over the essential tools you need to help you on your journey of becoming a cigar connoisseur.

Firstly, you will definitely need a cutter! Whether it’s a V-cut, punch cut or guillotine cut; if you want to smoke that cigar you’ll have to cut it. Cutters can range in price from $5 to hundreds of dollars. I would say that a reasonable price for a cutter, that will be durable and of good quality, should range between $40 and $90. With that being said there is nothing wrong with an inexpensive cutter however, they will need to be replaced more often as the blades, especially for guillotine cutters, will start to dull. A great brand for cutters is Colibri. Not only do these cutters have a great warranty but also, these cutters are a great investment if you’re looking for quality and durability.


Now that you’ve got that cigar cut you’ve got to light it! Cedar matches work well to light up the cigars but on a windy day can be a pain. A wind-resistant torch lighter is the way to go.  I find that torch lighters also work better when you are “toasting” the bottom end of the cigar, before simultaneously puffing and lighting it. Lighters can be such a personal choice. Plus there are many different styles, colors, features, size and weights to choose from. As with the cutters, lighters do range in price with some of the most expensive lighters on the market, designed by Dunhill and DuPont. Again for a mid-range lighter I would go for either the Colibri or for something more traditional yet stylish, I would definitely choose Cryril Brizard.


So you’ve cut and lit your cigar and are puffing away, enjoying all the aromas and flavours of that fine cigar, but where are you going to ash it? As you know cigars aren’t smoked like cigarettes. For most we take a few puffs and place our cigar down to rest in between. A cigar ashtray is designed with deep grooves, which allow this. Plus you can’t just place your fine cigar in any old ashtray. The grooves or stands on an ashtray are specially designed to have a sturdy hold on your cigars plus the grooves are made large enough to embrace any ring gauge. At some social cigar settings,ASHTRAY-TRINIDAD-16999 most often, the cigar ashtray is the hot topic of the evening, especially if it bears the brand of your favourite cigar!


Now unless you’ve seriously got a problem most people don’t puff away a box of cigars at one time. So where are you going to keep them? Cigars need to be stored in an environment that is optimum. Let’s keep this simple and follow the 70/70 rule. The ideal temperature the cigars should be stored in is 70 F (approx. 21 Celsius) with 70% humidity. Fo

SALVATORE-HUMIDOR-ZEBRA-9995r a few days only it would be okay to leave the cigars in a dry area, away from windows and heaters but, unless you live in the tropics or have some area in your home that can mimic the above 70/70 conditions; Eventually, you will have to store them in a cigar humidor, if you don’t want to spoil them.

Most humidors are lined with Spanish cedar. It is said that Spanish cedar doesn’t warp with moisture and doesn’t alter the smell of the cigars. Place your cigars in a beautiful humidor, get a hygrometer that will monitor the temperature and humidity, a humibrick that you can add glycol solution to for moisture, when needed, and your all set. Your precious cigars can safely be stored while your humidor adds character to any room.

Of course, you will not carry this humidor with you when invited out to a cigar gathering. It would look slightly odd carrying it around not to mention can get a bit heavy. Which is why you will need a 2-4 finger cigar case or a single cigar tube. They protect your cigars; act as a great storage for a couple of hours and you can place this in your pocket or your girlfriend’s purse! Again, cigar cases range from various prices so it really comes down to your own personal style. Cyril Brizard designs are very classy and made with great quality and care. This is would make an excellent gift!


Now that you have all the essentials give yourself a pat on the back as you are embarking on that journey, of becoming a cigar connoisseur.

Thank you all for joining us last night for another successful event!

We would like to take the time out to thank our wonderful cigar roller Leopoldo Alfonso Flores Lovo, Macallans,  The Parlour  to our family, friends and to all the cigar aficionados that joined us yesterday; We could not have done it without you.  We are grateful to be able to share our passion with you all. Happy Thanksgiving!

To view more amazing pictures from last night’s event please visit us on our facebook page!

Revolucion Cigar Party March 2013


We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in attendance at our Cigar Party! A big thanks to all those who helped make it a smashing success and all that more enjoyable .

Thank You for sharing with us, celebrating and making great memories. We are excited for the future. Stay tuned for more … Our home is yours . See you all soon.

Thanks Again ….

Paulo , Niko and all the Boys.

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A Night in Havana!


Sizzle up your Saturday night with live dancers on stage, real cuban mojitos (awesome) and of course the appearance of El Grupo Cubano- Brisas del Palmar at the Vogue Theatre. There will be a dance floor and salsa dancers so be prepared for a great show on stage and off stage!

We can tell your first hand having experienced the Cuban Ballet of Don Quixote last May that this show is sure to be entertaining!  Paulo and I were amazed at the talent the Cubans shared.

The cradle of Cuban music, Santiago de Cuba, has fostered several notable musicians, such as the Buena Vista Social Club. It is also the home of El Grupo Cubano.

The lead, Rosel Lamoru, formed this group in 1999 and under his disciplined leadership El Grupo has become the pride of Cuba. They recently performed for the Pope during his Cuban visit.

Bassist Julio Avila, perfected his pizzicatos (plucking the strings) on an upright contrabass given to him by Vilma Espin, the wife of Cuban President, Raul Castro.

From 2003-2007 El Grupo Cubano played winters in Havana’s Bodeguita del Medio. Many will be familiar with this iconic club—the birthplace of the mojito and a favourite of Ernest Hemingway.

This performance in Vancouver will be the band’s only North American concert engagement.

See you there! Salud!


Looking For Swedish Snus in Vancouver?

You can now buy Snus from our online store at www.buysnusvancouver.com 

Revolucion now has General Swedish Snus! The world’s #1 selling Snus is a time-honored tradition where quality is first and foremost. General Swedish Snus use’s only the most premium tobaccos from around the world.

After rigorous testing for overall quality, the tobacco is dried, ground and pasteurized. Later, they add specific flavors and natural oils to each blend.

The finished product is then placed into refrigerated storage where it ripens and develops its characteristic taste and aroma.

Experiencing the great flavor of General Swedish Snus is simple. Just take a portion between your thumb and forefinger and place it in your upper lip.

Wait for a slight tingling sensation, then enjoy up to 30 minutes of tobacco flavor that goes wherever you do.

Come on by Revolucion in Vancouver’s Historic Yaletown where we have General Swedish Snus chilled for you!

The Return of Hamlet to Revolucion!


-Hamlet Jaime Paredes-

Hamlet is classified as a 9th grade roller – the highest achievable grade!

His career as a “Torcedor” (cigar roller) began nearly twenty years ago at the legendary Partagas Factory in the heart of Havana. During his time there he rose to the position of Second Chief of the Rolling Room before moving on to a high profile role in various Tobacconists in and around Havana.

In 2000 he was selected to conduct promotional tours around the world for Habanos SA and since this time he has visited Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, Japan, China, Macau, South Korea, Indonesia, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Canada.

Hamlet is a dear friend to us and many people around the world.  When he is not travelling he is based in the world famous Romeo y Julieta shop.  When you’re in Havana please be sure to spot and visit him and he will appreciate seeing you!

You’ll also be treated to a Rum Tasting and have Cuban music playing all night long!!

Come down for a free Cuban Experience in Yaletown October 7 from 2pm to 8pm at Revolucion 1062 Mainland Street. Look forward to seeing you!! For more info contact Revolucion at info@Revolucionstyle.com or call 604-662-4427

Also check us out at https://www.facebook.com/RevolucionFineGiftsandCigars and add yourself as a “Like”!


See you at….

Hamlet is visiting Revolucion

For the last time this 2009 trip Hamlet is visiting us and rolling some amazingly crafted cigars.  As an owner of Revolucion and cigar lover, this is one of few times that i have the opportunity to watch the construction of a fine cigar.  It is a reminder of the work, skill and patience that goes into “creating” what is known as a fine cigar.  I am grateful for having Hamlet here to express this art and I am also most grateful for his friendship.  Cheers

Hamlet Rolling a Cigar Hamlet working at Revolucion

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