3 days till Christmas…a gift for the “Global Citizen”

DECADES ago, a man named Garry Davis provocatively renounced his American citizenship and declared himself a citizen of the world. Now, Tumi, which sells luxury suitcases, bags and other products for travelers, is proclaiming the arrival of the “global citizen.” Travel is a way of life, and this Christmas Revolucion is here to help you fuel that aspiration.

Tumi was founded by American Entrepreneur Charlie Clifford, a former Peace Corp volunteer who eventually started importing bags from South America in 1975. In the mid 80’s Tumi embarked on its journey of innovation by designing a revolutionary carry on garment bag and soft brief-case, using it’s patented ballistic nylon. In the early 90’s Tumi entered the European market and introduced a collection of men’s leather wallets and agendas. Then, during the mid-90’s Tumi designed wheel-a-way, Tri-fold Garment bag, and introduces the Snap Hook with a Swivel Platform (for luggage) before opening up 2 stores in Santa Monica, CA and New York City closer to the millennium.

Always innovating, Tumi launched TUMI Tracer® product identification and recovery program.  This is available on their core luggage and business collections and helps to reunite Tumi customers with their lost or stolen bag. The patented Omega Closure System® ensures that your locks will last and are of excellent quality. Following this, in 2005 Tumi launched their award winning electronic travel accessories.


Although Tumi is widely known for their innovative, top-of-the-line luggage, their extended collection of wallets, travel essentials, key fobs, agendas, and  iPhone 6  & iPad cases are also designed with the same care and attention. The majority of Tumi wallets are hand-crafted using full-grain leather with the exception of the Alpha collection, that uses Tumi’s signature ballistic nylon fabric, which is also used for the iPhone 6 case. The Tumi key fobs are designed using quality stainless steel. The Alpha Collection features a push mechanism that releases the valet portion of the fob, while the Slim Monogram Collections features a leather inlay that can be monogrammed, and a polished stainless steel finish on the other side.


So why Tumi?

Not only has this brand won awards for its innovative and functional collections, the company will not allow any product onto the market until each and every item has passed a combination of 30 unique tests.

Their “real life lab” is inspired by people, which is why they take each product out into the real world to test out every possible scenario and will reject anything that isn’t functional and up to their extensive standards.

Tumi strives to make things easier for their customers by overcoming several challenges:

  1. t-pass_altshotIntroduction of T-Pass. Designed to cut down “your time in line” at airport security. With T-Pass you don’t need to take your laptop out of your bag. This technology allows you to place your bag through scanners without damaging your laptop.
  2. Tumi ID lock. Designed to prevent Identity Theft from thieves scanning your information right through your wallets. The RFID blocking ID lock material is used in the pocket linings thus protecting your valuable identity.
  3.  Add-a-Bag system. Designed to enable single travellers to easily carry 2-3 pieces of luggage, effortlessly on their own. The Add-a-Bag hook can hold an excess of 200 lbs
  4. Patented Articulating Shoulder Strap. Designed to keep your bag from slipping off your shoulders. Need I say more?

Tumi has over 125 patents and continues to research and create new innovations. Which means new and exciting product lines out in the markets.

They provide world-class service and any minor repairs can be  completed in any store on-site.

And….they are partnered with St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital’s research centre.

Give a gift that represents quality and craftsmanship. A gift that is flawlessly designed by a company that stands behind its products, always keeping their customers in mind by simply making life easier.

For more information please visit: http://www.tumi.com/na/










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