History of Movember

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Since 2003, there have been 4,027,688 Mo Bros and Mo Sistas that participate in this global awareness campaign, 574 million dollars raised,  770 men’s health projects have been funded and 21 countries around the world officially take part in “Movember”, to support men’s health. Movember officially launched in Canada in 2007.

Two mates from Melbourne, Australia, encouraged their friends, with the help of a friend’s mother, who was raising money for breast cancer awareness, to grow a Mo. They sent around an email titled “Are you man enough to be a man?” and found 30 men willing to take on the challenge. They designed rules and guidelines, which are still in place today and charged each man $10 dollars.

The first 30 Mo Bros grew their moustaches with such enthusiasm that in 2004 a formal concept was created that participants would grow for a cause. After much research into various men’s health issues they decided that Prostate Cancer was going to be their cause.

That year, Spain and the UK  joined to become the first international Mo Bros. With 450 participants now, they were able to raise AUD $54,000 for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PFCA). This very first Movember cheque was the largest that the PFCA had ever received.

In 2005,  the Urchin team formed, founders Travis (Trav) Garone and Luke Slattery, along with JC ( Justin Coghlan) and Adam Garone.  They created a new campaign with the concept ” Give Prostate Cancer a Kick in the Arse” and a formal agreement between Movember and the PFCA was made, making them the first official men’s health partner. That year 9,315 Mo Bros raised AUD 1.2 million for the PFCA.

In 2006, the co-founders established an official Australian Charity, the Movember Foundation. The campaign used to be managed on evenings and weekends but had grown so big that the Movember Foundation had to hire their very first employee. Luke Slattery also developed Movember’s official tagline: Changing the Face of Men’s Health. Depression was also on the rise in Australia that year so the Movember Foundation took on Beyondblue” as their second official Men’s health partner.

New Zealand joined in 2006  and partnered with the Prostate Cancer foundation of New Zealand. Small unofficial campaigns were also run in the UK and in Spain. A total of 56,129 Mo Bros and Mo Sistas in Australia and New Zealand raised AUD 9.3 million dollars.

In 2007, the news spread. The enthusiasm of Mo Bros and Mo Sistas from around the world was growing in popularity. The co-founders decided to grow the campaign. In an effort, Adam moved to LA to help grow the US and Canadian campaigns, in partnership with the Prostate Cancer Foundation and Prostate Cancer Canada. JC helped grow the UK Campaign and partnered with Prostate Cancer Charity and Luke continued to run the Australian and NZ campaigns.  There were 134,171 participants that year that raised 21.5 million.

Now there are over millions of supporters world wide. What once started as a simple concept to grow a moustache has  gained global popularity and has achieved great success to bringing awareness to men’s health issues and creating a strong foundation to helping Prostate cancer charities around the world.

Grow to support Men’s health this “Movember”


source: ca.movember.com