Wolf Design Watch Winders

European craftsmanship, quality materials and patented technology, plus over 175 years of refinement and innovation has meant that Wolf Designs has had time to get it right. A Wolf Designs case is one to be proud of.

Wolf Designs stretches over 5 generations of history. Starting in Germany in 1834, then moving to Sweden, England and now America, it’s a legacy of over 175 years to be proud of.

Phillipp Wolf I was a silversmith from Germany who found that by selling his silver products in beautiful boxes his trade dramatically increased. It wasn’t long before he was selling more of his boxes than he was of his silverware. Thus Wolf Designs began.

Phillipp Wolf II under the tutelage of his father moved the business to Malmö in southern Sweden after a enjoying the weather over a holiday there. His sons Ernst and Philipp III continued the enterprise, with Philipp often taking long trips for months at a time to the opening market in America.

His son, Philipp Wolf IV moved the Wolf Designs to England and set up a new high automated factory employing over 300 workers in Wales, it was recognized as the largest manufacturer of jewellery boxes in Great Britain and much of Europe.

Today Wolf Designs is under the leadership of Simon Philipp Wolf V whom took the challenge to take on the American and Canadian markets by moving the base of operations to California, with the guidance from his father, Philipp IV, and with new technologies and innovations, Wolf Designs has become the market leader in its field. Specialising in jewellery boxes and watch winders, Wolf Designs offers top-of-the-line five star cases for its customers using its special patented technology.