Looking For Swedish Snus in Vancouver?

You can now buy Snus from our online store at www.buysnusvancouver.com 

Revolucion now has General Swedish Snus! The world’s #1 selling Snus is a time-honored tradition where quality is first and foremost. General Swedish Snus use’s only the most premium tobaccos from around the world.

After rigorous testing for overall quality, the tobacco is dried, ground and pasteurized. Later, they add specific flavors and natural oils to each blend.

The finished product is then placed into refrigerated storage where it ripens and develops its characteristic taste and aroma.

Experiencing the great flavor of General Swedish Snus is simple. Just take a portion between your thumb and forefinger and place it in your upper lip.

Wait for a slight tingling sensation, then enjoy up to 30 minutes of tobacco flavor that goes wherever you do.

Come on by Revolucion in Vancouver’s Historic Yaletown where we have General Swedish Snus chilled for you!