Lampe Berger Air Purifier

-Lampe Berger catalytic process eliminates cooking, smoking, pets and any other undesirable odors
– Creates a beautiful scent – its release system provides you better indoor scenting quality.
– Decorates your home.

Lampe Berger came up as an idea of the utilization of the catalytic combustion and it’s applications found by Justus von Liebig 1803-1873 and Charles Gerhardt 1816-1856, that is perfected by a Pharmacist Doctor named Maurice Berger on the 1897, therefore it is named after the inventor, Lampe Berger.

During the Madeleine Era, on 1897, the hospitals back then are not exactly the same like what we known here and now. It is not a place for sick people to be cured, well to be exact, it is the home of the sick people to gather up, as the medical procedures back then are limited and a lot of new emerging sickness are being recognized time through time.

The risks of cross contamination of bacteria through air are imminent and feared to affect the healthy and the doctors and nurses. The stench of the rotting carcasses and amputees at that time, due to the inefficient cold holding storage facilities, are infiltrating the air, which again, spreading the risk of diseases cross contamination throughout the hospitals.

This is when the famous inventor, Maurice Berger invented the air purification system to eliminate the risk of cross contamination through the air, that deodorizes and eliminates airborne bacteria, bad odor and disintegrates second hand smoke in the air.

In the first initial applications, there were only one design with two colors of Lampe Berger was produced, and only used in hospitals. The design was patented with two patents, one is for the catalytic combustion or diffusers, and the rest is for the Ozoalcool, which fuels the Lampe Berger itself.

Then during the year 1938-1940, a local businessman named Jean Jacques Failliot brought the Lampe Berger into its golden era by putting it into the local households and commercial market. It went through the World War I and II and still going strong. Since then, Lampe Berger has commissioned many famous designers in the worlds; among them are Arman, Coco Chanel – from the house of Chanel, Jean Cocteau, Emille Galle, and Cristalleries de Saint Louis.

The precursor designs from the golden era are still held in Musee du Louvre or Louvre Museum of Art in France that held price tags of millions of dollars for some among them. Until now, Lampe Berger remains one of the most valuable and collected Art Object that still rising in value over time.

Lampe Berger is still being traded by the CCLB (Lampe Berger Collectors Club), a club made by the Societe Berger, which held their annual meeting to swap or auction their rare collections of Lampe Berger.

Right now, Lampe Berger International has 22 distribution licenses around the world, with only one of them has a Perpetual License. DCHL was granted by Lampe Berger International the right to distribute Lampe Berger products for life, as they have fulfilled the main conditions which is to have a constant sales growth of 5% annually.

Until now, Lampe Berger are being distributed in over 70 countries around the world, with 11 countries in the Asia Pacific including Australia are connected through DCHL.

Lampe Berger won numerous national and international awards since it’s invented until now, some of them are the French Invention of the Year Award for several times since 1901, Paris Commodity Awards for 6 times, and 2003 Best of the Best for Executives in total air management since 1897. They have won quite a number of awards even until now.

World Acceptance of Lampe Berger

Lampe Berger has undergone a lot of significant laboratory testing both by private, corporate, government and individuals including being a part of university studies accross the world for it’s unique application of Catalytic Combustion system.


Until now, the uniqueness of Lampe Berger are still being sold strong around the world, this is proven by the ISO Certification of Lampe Berger with the serial number of 11014-1, which can only be acknowledged when a product has been in the market for more than 50 years without any single complaint.


Another proof that Lampe Berger has been sought by the high end market is that LVMH (Louis-Vuitton Moet Hennessy) a company that aimed in conquering the market for expensive lifestyle brands tried to took over the Lampe Berger International, and currently holding 28% of their shares worldwide. LVMH has been recruiting the world’s most prestigious brand names under their wings, i.e. Tag Heuer, DKNY, Dior, and DFS Galleria and so on.

MMA insurance

Since the first time Lampe Berger hits the market in France, it has been protected by one of the world most prestigious insurance company, the MMA (Mutuelles Du Mans Assurances) in Europe, and until now, if there is such a case that medically proven Lampe Berger causes sickness to the user, the company will pay of maximum €7.62 million Euro.

Lampe Berger and S.A.R.S

During the SARS outbreak and Avian Flu in the Asian countries, the Tan Tok Seng Singapore International hospital and Queen Elizabeth International Hospital in Hong Kong gathered all the infected under their care and they used Lampe Berger to eliminate the cross infections.

The French Government take great care of manufacturing this product with excellent quality control and significant laboratory tests, ensuring that you will only receive the best.