Whisky Stones™

When I came across the Whisky Stones (Whiskey Stones)  they won my heart!
I quote “Put a chill in your whisky without diluting the dram of your dreams”  Beautifully said, especially since I had been a Drambuie drinker in the past there was an immediate appreciation for this fine milled stones that have made there way in to many a dram!

We recently attended and sponsored the Hopscotch 2011 Event where the Whisky Stones were featured and the Whisky Lovers were celebrated.

7/8″ cubes | Natural

Milled in Vermont by the oldest soapstone workshop in the US. Add three chilled stones to your next dram, let stand for 5 minutes and enjoy. Set of 9 stones + muslin storage bag. Not for use with larger volume drinks.

And here is the history….

Co-founder Andrew Hellman (Connecticut) Andrew took inspiration from a bag of loose stones found in his Swedish grandfather’s liquor cabinet to come up with an American interpretation of a centuries-old Scandinavian tradition.

Vermont Soapstone (Vermont) Over 150 years ago, local Vermonters began mining and milling soapstone found in their fields for a variety of purposes. As America’s oldest soapstone workshop, many of their original techniques are still in use today.