Cuban Cigar Grandmaster Roller

The Cuban Cigar Grandmaster Roller “Hamlet – the one- Paredes” is coming in on Oct 3 ’09 Saturday.  Come and check out this artist in action rolling his signature Romeo Y Juliet tobacco!  He’ll be here from 3 – 9 pm!  Hamlet has visited us 3 times in the last 4 years and has a following.  He actually keeps in touch with our clientele.  When visiting Cuba, he invites people to see him at the Romeo Y Julieta store in Havana.  Share some Cuban cigars and fine Cuban Rum.

Revolucion awaits…

I’d like to introduce my Revolucion brand.   We are purveyors of fine products specializing in gifts for men.  I love exploring lifestyle products which are different yet functional.  I enjoy surprising my friends and clientele with conversation pieces which also have place in our own lifestyles.

Classics will always be my passion – they never go out of style.   A small twist can make the difference between boring and fun.

This brand is dedicated to all men who want to feel at home and comfortable when buying lifestyle products – and of course to all the women who want to buy the perfect present for their men!

I started Revolucion one day as I was looking through magazines and I saw lots of really interesting things for men but couldn’t find where to buy them.

Many places I shopped were not designed with men in mind.  Bright lights, stark walls, and sweet vanilla fragrance in the air – I thought there must be a better way to buy skin care and grooming products.

I will be posting regular updates like lifestyle tips, product reviews and recommendations to give you some great ideas.  I also invite you to open conversation with me via my blog, facebook and twitter.

Come in, I’d love to meet you!